Let's work together for a better Kansas. 


Fulfill the promise in the Kansas Constitution to provide a high-quality education to every child.



Ensure that each individual, regardless of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or religion will be treated equally in both policy and practice. 



Embrace long-term thinking that builds environmentally sustainable infrastructure and policies that will propel a consumer-driven economy and provide all workers a living wage.

A Message from Dean

Hello Friends.

Hello friends.  For my neighbors that I haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet, my name is Dean Zajic, and I am running for Kansas Senate District 18.  I, along with my wife Anne, and our three young girls are lifelong Kansans.  And I love Kansas.  Whether walking the sidewalks of our Topeka neighborhood or driving the country roads of Wabaunsee County, I can always count on trading a friendly nod and a wave with the people I pass.  


This is a state of good people that have done good things.  But we have to embrace the truth that this state that we love is leaving too many of our friends and neighbors behind.  


Like most of you, my wife and I have volunteered and supported our community through different organizations, but this is just putting ice on the wound.  That is why I am running for the Kansas Senate.  It is not enough to care and be a reliable vote for the people.  It is time to push people out of their comfort zone and make real change.


With your help, we are going to snap the ECONOMY back to life by putting more money in the pockets of working Kansans because it is consumers, not employers that drive growth.


With your help, we are going to build trust and opportunity through substantial and systemic reform of the public safety net, Medicaid expansion, and law enforcement to ensure EQUALITY for every person in our state, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, or how they choose to live.


With your help, we are going to follow through on the promise to fully fund schools and provide every child the quality and effective EDUCATION that they are entitled to under the Kansas Constitution.


But we can only do this with your help.  Please join us by adding your name to our campaign today.

Thank you,


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